The Croissants / Rad: Split EP

The Croissants / Rad: Split EP

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RAD/XANTS is a split EP by American punk rock bands RAD and The Croissants. It was released in 2016 by Sacramento Records.

Thrash-veterans RAD attack with the fury of a honey badger denied snacks. Their Necros cum Black Flag implosion rips along, fronted by the vocal bite of Lori Gilpatrick and Charles Albright's killer wails. With one other EP and three cassettes, this split is RAD's first since their very well received 2013 LP Loud & Fast. "This is a frenzy of good ole' female-fronted thrash punk blended with plenty of fastcore.  RAD is kick-ass to the extreme and full of non-stop energy, incredible musicianship and highly memorable jams" sez Cut & Paste.

If RAD is inspired by Los Angeles' early 80s slam pit, CROISSANTS sounds like they'd rather be hanging out on Beach Blvd. Hans, Heather, and Gabba throw pop pitches to heroes Red Cross and the Simpletones, with razor guitars, fuzz, and beer-in-the-sun melodies. And when the buzz wears off a lazy anger builds. The Croissants formed in 2010, but didn't really hit it until they found Heather in a bar fight and drafted her as drummer. Adored in their hometown of Sac, the Croissants have found ears elsewhere through records on Asian Man and Hella Mad.

01  Attraction To The Mainstream
02  Don't Play Cool
03  Everyone's A Rocker

01  Asshole Apologist
02  Twins 2: The Movie (The Soundtrack)
03  I Didn't See The Breakdown Coming
04  Ice Titan 2
05  Gender Neutral Cussing
06  The Crow Soundtrack
07  Chelsea's Lament (Do You Feel Safe Yet?)
08  Comic-Con
09  Jokes & Beer
10  I Saw The Breakdown Coming
11  I Don't Belong