Kevin Seconds: Don't Let Me Lose Ya Cassette

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With records like The Crew and Walk Together, Rock Together Kevin Seconds' 80's hardcore band 7 Seconds changed a lot of lives, mine included. As most people in seminal hardcore bands have been happy to leave that life behind them, Kevin Seconds has never relented with his music. And while it may not contain twenty minute-long hardcore blasts, Don't Let Me Lose Ya bursts with the vitality of someone who is content to follow his muse, no matter what his age may try to dictate

01  Forever Try
02  On The Hill
03  Don't Let Me Lose Ya
04  Only Drug
05  Disappearing Girl
06  What A Lie
07  Deaf Ears
08  Oh Rhonda
09  Masterpiece, Unfinished
10  The Elements And You


released in 2013 by Pleasant Screams + Asian Man Records