RAD: Loud & Fast Cassette

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Loud & Fast is the debut studio album by American hardcore punk band RAD. It was released in 2013 by Sacramento Records.

Sacramento’s RAD is a living, sweating, biting example of an era gone by. They carry on the fury, brevity, and humor of the mid-‘80s when punk and thrash were crossing over, but with totally modern sensibilities. They began in 2011 and quickly become Sacramento’s first and only hardcore apologists. RAD is LORY GILPARTIC (SHARK SANDWICH, RIFF RANDALS) on vocals, ANTHONY LEW on bass, CRAIG HANCOCK (Shark Sandwich) on drums and CHARLES ALBRIGHT on guitar and backing vocals. With their debut LP, Loud & Fast, they make no more apologies. Loud and Fast is a 20-song love letter to American hardcore and thrash. RAD would like you to believe they are Negative Approach with a sense of humor, or DRI at there most cathartic. But actually, RAD is just a good band. They’ll play in your basement. They will play your backyard. They will play in your living room. Middle Class and the Fix won’t.

01  We're Rad
02  You're Dunzo
03  This Is Not A Final War
04  I'm An Adult
05  We Got "Lost"
06  S.I.M.P.L.E.
07  Creep-Out Crew
08  Strike The Spike
09  Never Turn Your Back On A Mosh
10  Vortex Of Death
11  We're Dunzo
12  Geekonomics (Reprise)
13  Sacramento Is Rad
14  Corporate Drugs
15  Banned In Citrus Heights
16  Sk8bored
17  Legacy Of Bro-Tality
18  Don't Call The Cops
19  You're Next
20  Loud & Fast
21  Victim In Pain
22  Geekonomics
23  So Say We All
24  Cover Your Tits In A Pit
25  Never Turn Your (Back On A Mosh)
26  Disposophobia
27  90's Punk
28  It's All You Ever Say (You're Not RAD)
29  We Know You Suck
30  Ready To Fight
31  Violent Redneck
32  I Hate Work
33  I Don't Belong