Straight Arrows: It's Happening Cassette

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Straight Arrows debut album It's Happening!  Graduating into the realm of MEDIUM FIDELITY, the group moved into Tim Done’s home/studio/archaic equipment museum, HANGING TREE, for a few days and recorded direct into his STRICTLY 1950s equipment, resulting in a release where almost all of the instruments can be heard. Mixing with the awesomeness that is Brent Griffin/SPOD, the record took on a fuzzed, melodic, and reverberated budget psychedelic bent.

01  Bad Temper
02  It Begins
03  Magic Scepture
04  Mind Control
05  Gone
06  Something Happens
07  It Happens Again
08  From The Start (Get It)
09  Golden Torch
10  Running Wild


released by March 2012 by Pleasant Screams